IT Asset Management – The Need For Secret Agents!

There are a number of different types of Asset program, and depending on the objectives of your project, you will want to adjust the data stored within your asset management repository to enable each kind. Starting with physical Asset Management, this would be a program of managing every item deemed to be a fixed asset or an asset that is of value to your company. For organisation in manufacturing for example this may well be machines, or furniture or fittings that enable the business to work. Not connected technologically in any way and with pretty static data for each Asset, for example location, owner and status.

If you wanted to develop your system into a more financial Asset Management function, you may choose to add financial data to each of your asset records. For example a purchase date, purchase amount and selected period of depreciation straight away enables you to gain taxable advantages from depreciation, will enable you to budget for asset replacement at the end of its lifecycle and may also enable you to maximise value from your warranties, failures and replacements. Once again, the assets will not be technologically connected in any way so the data must be updated manually in all cases.

IT Asset Management introduces the chance of automation for any devices that are able to connect via a network, or the internet. The introduction of agent-based software, typically installed on equipment such as PC’s and laptops, that reports back information, increases the scope of your project and also enables the ability to automate tasks and functionality based on the data collected.

But why should you choose to take that step up into full blown IT Asset Management?

Well for starters you will be able to tell what is active, just from the status of their connection back into your database You should also be able to tell who is using the equipment, and you may even be able to tell physically where the equipment is, depending on the scope and capability of the tool that you use.

Whilst having that connection may be better than no visibility, it should be said that it is still no replacement for physically seeing and scanning the assets on a regular i.e. monthly or quarterly basis, which when planned can also take in all the non-connected assets that may be at that location or with that user.

Also, if the technology that you use has no discovery or scan mechanism, what is your strategy for making sure you catch all the items you need?

My word of advice would be to email your staff!

If they are salaried, you should have some kind of records, so approaching each one and asking for confirmation and then tasking them with the installation of the agent is a great place to start, certainly without breaking the bank on a Rolls Royce, Gold Plated solution that you probably do not need.

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