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From Barcode Scanning with our AssetBlox Mobile app to In-Depth Reporting and Alerting.
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Why AssetBlox?

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Asset Management Software: Extend Asset Lifecycles and Minimize Maintenance Costs for Businesses

Want to see how AssetBlox can transform your Business? The Most Insightful Asset Management Software

With AssetBlox’ Simple Asset Management Software, you can keep a track of your business assets. Want to know how? Well, asset management solutions by Asset Blox help you-

  • Effectively manage your business assets
  • Enhance visibility of assets
  • Reduce maintenance costs for businesses
  • Optimize business operations
  • Ensure regulatory compliance

Give your business a helping hand with AssetBlox’ Asset Management Software!

Why your Business needs an Asset Management System?

So if you as a business owner haven’t considered the need of investing in asset tracking solutions your business is likely to lose valuable time and a lot of money. A simple asset management software can help minimize administrative costs involved, streamline business processes, boost customer support and altogether in scaling your business organization as a whole. Simply put, incorporating asset management software is like making hay while the sun shines.

What does an Asset Management System do?

An asset tracking system keeps a data record of all the assets that you and your organization owns, like the location they are at, their usage, configurations and several costs involved. Simply put, it automates the complete workflow seamlessly.
Asset management tools enable you to track all the inventory details, financial records, hardware data, and any other asset information through their fixed lifecycle. You won’t have to bother about trying to remember when you purchased a specific product or keep a record on which employees have access to specific assets. For instance, you deploy an asset in your business the right asset tracking software will track the record maintenance of the activities that can oversee on the performance of regular audits until the time an asset retires.

How Asset Blox stands out from the rest?

AssetBlox is an Asset Management Software Suite that comes with a cloud-based database, designed to manage and control all of your asset data. Data can be accessed and updated either in the web console or via our asset tracking app, which also facilitates Barcode and RFID scanning capabilities.

AssetBlox’ Asset Management System is designed to refine and calibrate your Business Operations!

Using AssetBlox, you can seamlessly manage either hardware and software assets from a single dashboard or asset tracking app. You can manage your company assets in your network anywhere, anytime, right from your mobile phone. Let’s take a roundup of complete list of features offered by AssetBlox for a comprehensive asset management:

  • Regular Asset Scans

    You can keep a track of all the changes or additions in hardware devices and ensure that only authentic devices are connected to your network. AssetBlox scans your network regularly to get all the software and hardware inventory details and find any changes in the business network.

  • Track your Business from any Location

    AssetBlox ensures that you are constantly on the go. With AssetBlox Premium, once your assets are scanned your dashboard will display the scanned location of your assets.

  • Comprehensive Reporting

    The never been easy thing- reporting is now a cake walk. Easy to use asset management software will help you create reports and schedule them to be emailed to whoever and whenever you want!

  • Automation of Asset Workflow

    Get rid of the manual workflows and ensure accuracy & consistency in your business operations. AssetBlox connects people, data and systems for better combination, and build workflows.

  • Predictive Maintenance

    Anticipate breakdowns and eliminate arbitrary maintenance of assets using a predictive real-time maintenance approach. Thus, enhancing asset reliability and minimizing costs.

  • Depreciation

    This feature enables you to see the real-time depreciated asset value. It can not only help you save money, but also prepares you for asset replacement costs.

Augment your business’ efficiency and generate higher revenue with AssetBlox Asset Management System. Get your hands on AssetBlox 14 day free trial and explore the realm of boundless opportunities for your business!

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Our support team are here to help. If you have an issue or any questions you can raise a ticket in the support module or contact us directly.

Secure Backups

AssetBlox provides monthly backups of your AssetBlox droplet. If anything should go wrong, we will restore you to the latest version and a member of our support team will help you get back to scanning Assets.

Safe & Secure

AssetBlox is securely stored in the Cloud. Traffic passes using SSL and AES 258 Encryption, meaning all your data you maintain will be secure.

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