The simple, common sense way to manage your Business’s Fixed Assets!

Looking to digitally transform your fixed asset and equipment management so that you gain the financial advantage? AssetBlox Fixed Asset Management Software can help you track and manage your assets in one clear dashboard.

You can create anything as an asset type including vehicles, furniture, computers and machinery, but if you need to term any of these as FIXED ASSETS you just need to add in a few additional fields to enable the AssetBlox functionality. You know you can easily track the location, ownership and maintenance status of your fixed assets, but by adding in a purchase price, purchase data and a Depreciation type you will unlock the door to bigger financial savings. AssetBlox simplifies all the intricacies of fixed asset management and makes you future ready.

Give yourself the Financial Upper Hand with AssetBlox’ Fixed Asset Management Software

AssetBlox Fixed Asset Management Software is a simple to use, clear cloud based dashboard which displays all the data you need to know. Key dashboard widgets include

• Total Value of Owned Assets  – Making the value of your business easier to calculate

• Total Depreciated Value of Assets Owner – Gives a view of the actual depreciated value of the assets you have as Fixed assets, updated regularly and automatically

• Future Budget Builder – Showing the value of the equipment that you are due to replace, in each financial year, based on the depreciation schedule of your assets.

• Stock Liquidation Value – Gives an estimate of cash that can be sought, if asset liquidation is needed to generate cash for your business.

 Quickly and simply AssetBlox gives you an understanding of your current asset estate and helps you with a view into the future so you can build realistic budgets, rationlise procurement or choose to sweat the assets to get even more value out of them.

So are you ready for a single platform for complete asset control? Well, AssetBlox Fixed Asset Tracking Software helps you in seamless audit, track and management of your assets.

• Effective Tracking of your Asset Movements
With AssetBlox’ Fixed Asset Management Software, you can easily-

  • Assign different assets to users, departments, or locations
  • Check in/out of the process
  • Allocate the asset status like Active, In Stock or any custom status while transferring assets
  • Automated mail reminders at the time of asset return deadline
  • Get access to sign-off sheets on each asset movement

 • Single Platform to take control over all your Assets

AssetBlox Fixed Asset Tracking Software categorises assets on the basis of their location and category. Moreover, the software also helps classify assets on the grounds of their status, condition, ownership and financial data &purchase prices.

• Ditch those old spreadsheets
With AssetBlox Fixed Asset Tracking Software, you can import asset data from your old spreadsheets into the Cloud based database. Transform your old data from static to dynamic, with the AssetBlox app putting the power of your asset data into the palm of your hand.

• Rapid configuration and Setup
Our predefined startup process will walk you through the steps to get your project started:

  1. Configure the main application features
  2. Create the data values
  3. Create your Asset types
  4. Import your data
  5. Get scanning within minutes.


So are you ready for end-to-end fixed asset management?

AssetBlox Fixed Asset Management Software helps you take control over the complete asset lifecycle.

Get in touch and get started within hours!