AssetBlox Features

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Everything you need

Keeping your stuff up to date has never been easier!

Single Scan

Within moments you can upload a new asset or update an existing asset.

owner and location scan

Need to apply assets with an owner or a location? Simple. Select the owner or location you would like to associate with the assets and get scanning.

consumable scan

Lending something out? With Consumable scan you can quickly scan out your asset. Got it back? Simply scan it back in.

Multiple scan

Quickly scan and update multiple assets within seconds. No more spreadsheets, simply point and scan each barcode

audit scan

Not sure who owns what or where it is? You can audit assets that are associated with an owner or a location.


Before lending something out why not take a picture of your Asset and upload it to your AssetBlox console.



Enable full geolocation with AssetBlox Premium. Once your Assets have been scanned your console dashboard will show the scanned location of your asset.


With depreciation enabled you can see how much your Depreciated Asset value is worth. This can help you save money and help you prepare for replacement asset costs. Check out our Widgets for yourself.

Graphical Dashboards

AssetBlox console is full of useful widgets. Ranging from Pie Charts, Bar Charts & Maps. All Widgets are expandable for a more in-depth analysis. Get in touch with our team for more widgets.

Import / Export

Time to put them Asset spreadsheets to use. Our simple Import wizard will show you how to import your CSV file to AssetBlox. Export via CSV, PDF or Email.

In-Depth Reporting

Reporting has never been easier. Simple to use wizard will walk you through creating reports on all aspects of AssetBlox. Schedule these reports to be emailed to whoever and whenever you like!

Email & Alerting

Alert your team on upcoming audits, location changes and anything you feel you need to be notified on. Our wizard makes it simple to set alerts with hourly, monthly, annually or a one of specific time.

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