Primary Education

Our Primary Education customers use AssetBlox in a traditional asset management way, labelling everything that is important and tracking where it should be, as opposed to where it ends up! Most interesting here is the first customer we had in this sector “discovered” that they owned almost £250k of assets, which otherwise had no visible value to the school.

One top tip from a customer is name the asset where it should typically reside or is assigned to, the visual barcode Asset number does not change and is the single point of reference, but when you find Classroom 3’s fan in the staff room, it is really easy to identify where to take it back to!

Our mobile scanning app really helps so that you can scan and see all the asset details in seconds.



Document Asset Management

For many businesses Documents are also an important asset and managing the documents that you produce, so that either the electronic copy or physical copies can be  located and referenced easily can save hours on an  ongoing basis. Some Assetblox customers use our system to enter document assets, and then track their lifecycle through storage, recall and disposal.

Our cut down version of our mobile scanning app allows unique custom asset tags to be created on the fly by any registered user from the business, which is then replaced by a more traditional barcode reference when it arrives at the storage facility.



Secondary Education

Much like Primary education the ability to be able to track, install and manage assets across the campus is key for our secondary and higher education customers.

Our smart app providing all the details on any asset from the unique barcode assigned to each. There are many savings for education to be made and our customers realise those savings through a number of methods, reducing loss, utilising warranties for repairs, the sharing of key asset resources helping to maximise teaching via smarter use of classroom tech, smarter procurement and the management of budgets to name a few.

With the increase of technology in the classrooms and the pupils’ hands, our agent works really well, helping school tech’s to manage key areas of IT support such as license compliance, application life-cycle management and windows updates.


Mobile Service and Workshops

With this AssetBlox customer, everyday their fleet of mobile vehicle workshops are audit scanned by the mechanic, highlighting any important item of equipment that is missing, faulty or broken. The data then taken from the central database enables the support team to keep these guys on the road with everything they need to keep the larger fleet rolling, day in, day out.

Each mobile workshop is has a location barcode making it easy for each mechanic to scan in or out tools without the need for fingers and thumbs.

Centralised reporting is also key for this customer, so they know exactly what they have where it is and who is responsible for each and every item.


Exhibition Management

This customer has loads of “Stuff” that is important to their business, the business of running mobile exhibition space for their corporate clients. Each and every item has value as an asset either to our customer or to their customer, so being able to store, move and use both customer and corporate assets to achieve the correct  look and feel that each exhibition requires is crucial to the business.

Spending less time finding the right “Stuff” reduces costs in the business, making sure everything comes back from an event prevents the cost of replacement.

Using AssetBlox’s stores and stock capability means that even the amount of coffee or tea used, required and needing reordering can be tracked and optimised, again saving costs.

Using the mobile app to scan assets onto vehicles reduces loading time and increase accuracy, and reporting provides important usage statistics and vehicle manifests.


Contract Maintenance and Services

For any contractor that needs loads of stuff to do their job, tracking where important items were last used or seen is key to minimising losses. By implementing a simple process to scan every major item used into the customer location and back to the van, this customer was able to take advantage of the geo-location functionality of the AssetBlox  smart scanning app to record where every item was last scanned, reducing losses and enabling the workforce to get on with more work as they keep hold of everything they need.


Hospitality Maintenance

This customer had a niche requirement and with a little bit of thought an expertise, AssetBlox was able to provide just what was needed. Being in the hotel business this customer has lots of hot water appliances that regularly need service or repairing.  With the AssetBlox app the boiler tech is able to scan the asset tag on the boiler and instantly see the service history for that boiler. When servicing is complete, the tech simply updates a field in the app with the tasks done, and that is appended to the asset history ready for the next time the boiler needs some attention.


Storage and Warehousing

Anyone who stores “stuff” for a living knows what a nightmare it can be finding what you need to get the next shipment ready, but not every organisation can afford to throw Amazon level bucks at the solution.

With Assetblox this customer was able to barcode each individual location,  then as stock arrived, each item was assigned a unique barcode Asset label. As stock entered the location our mobile scanning app makes it easy for the asset and its defined location to be quickly and accurately scanned.

With their AssetBlox cloud hosted database the customer was then able to easily locate the physical location for any item, reducing time, effort and frustration and increasing efficiency within the business.


Firm of Architects

Our longest serving AssetBlox customer has a more traditional office based Asset management program. Using the agent based technology to track Windows and Apple hardware, hardware and software information is constantly updated on their AssetBlox database. Other assets that are needed by the business to be loaned out for projects are recorded in the AssetBlox database along with date based alerts to let the team know when equipment needs to be ready or when it should be back in the office.

Keeping comprehensive records of equipment purchases, depreciating their values in the main AssetBlox application and building future budgets, enabling equipment to be refreshed or replaced on a schedule also helps with future budget planning and smarter procurement.

Using AssetBlox means that wherever their equipment goes it is traceable and well managed.


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