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Basic IT Asset Management

Physical Asset management often ends up colliding with IT Asset Management and although the products manage change, the underpinning processes are pretty much the same. That is until you get to specific functionality such as patching and updates. Your ability to identify all you IT devices is key to securing your business from cyber attacks, but it doesn’t need to be that complex.

Our 20 question IT Security Benchmark survey will help to understand where your business is at today and steps are required to secure your endpoints.

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Asset Management Technology

The technology behind a program of Asset Management can just as soon hinder as enable. Check out our latest whitepaper to see why it is key to get the choice of technology right and what are the likely benefits you will see, when you do.

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Asset Amnesty or Self Discovery - What's your approach?

Whilst the task of controlling your assets may seem greater at this moment in time, the  challenge is pretty much the same all the time. Do you control your assets by asking your users to update you or is this a job of discovery that is best done your self?

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The need for Secret Agents...

Knowing the difference between plain ol’ Asset Management and IT Asset Management may help you define your project objectives and outcomes. But if IT Asset Management is your goal, should you consider the use of software agents to auto populate your Asset Database? What are the benefits and advantages to be gained?

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Internal or External Facing Asset System

Every business has the choice, have an internal Asset database that can only be used within the confines of your business network, or have an external or cloud based solution that can be updated, managed or accessed from anywhere. There are pros and cons for both, where do you sit on this particular fence?

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Setting Your Asset Project Level

When starting a program of Asset Management, it is just as important to understand what you don’t need to manage, to help prevent unnecessary effort being wasted and drive your project to success. Read this article to understand how to set your project at the best level for your organisation.

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