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Easily configured, quick to implement, simple to use , with loads of functionality that will get you managing all of the equipment that is of value to your business.


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From Barcode Scanning with our AssetBlox Mobile app to In-Depth Reporting and Alerting.
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Why AssetBlox?

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Life with Asset Management Software:

When you have the data about all the equipment in your business or organisation at your fingertips, you start to realise business advantages, just from being in control. That control also leads to financial advantages, as you are able to minimise costs for your Business from a position of knowledge.


How AssetBlox can help to transform your Business? 


  • Record purchases, purchase data and quickly assign unique Asset references 
  • Manage any equipment or item your business needs, owns or uses
  • Enhance visibility of assets, know where they are and who is using them
  • Update Asset records via Smartphone, tablet or handheld scanner
    • When equipment moves
    • When a new owner is assigned
    • When placed in storage or spare
    • When repairs are needed or the asset goes missing
  • Reduce maintenance costs for businesses
  • Implement Planned Maintenance schedules
  • Make informed procurement decisions
  • Improve business operations and processes, increasing efficiency.
  • Make regulatory compliance easier to achieve.

Give your business a helping hand with AssetBlox Asset Management Software!

Why your Business needs an Asset Management System?

So if you as a business owner haven’t considered the need of investing in asset tracking solutions your business is likely to lose valuable time and a lot of money. A simple asset management software can help minimize administrative costs involved, streamline business processes, boost customer support and altogether in scaling your business organization as a whole. Simply put, incorporating asset management software is like making hay while the sun shines.

What does an Asset Management System do?

An asset tracking system keeps a data record of all the assets that you and your organization owns, like the location they are at, their usage, configurations and associated financial data. Simply put, it automates the complete workflow seamlessly. Asset management tools enable you to track all the inventory details, financial records, hardware data, and any other asset information through their fixed lifecycle. You won’t have to bother about trying to remember when you purchased a specific product or keep a record on which employees have access to specific assets. For instance, you deploy an asset in your business the right asset tracking software will track the record maintenance of the activities that can oversee on the performance of regular audits until the time an asset retires.

How AssetBlox stands out from the rest?

AssetBlox is an Asset Management Software Suite that comes with a cloud-based database, designed to manage and control all of your asset data. Data can be accessed and updated either in the web console or via our asset tracking app, which also facilitates Bluetooth laser and RFID scanning capabilities.

AssetBlox Asset Management System is designed to help you understand, refine and calibrate your Business Operations!

Using AssetBlox, you can seamlessly manage either hardware and software assets from a single dashboard or asset tracking app. You can manage your company assets in your network anywhere, anytime, right from your mobile phone.

Let’s take a roundup of complete list of features offered by AssetBlox for a comprehensive asset management:

    • . You can Regular Equipment Audit Scans

      With AssetBlox you can keep a track of all the changes, moves  or additions every day from the smart phone app, but AssetBlox makes it really easy to carry out regular Audit scans, based either on Location or User, the AssetBlox app shows you what you need to find to complete your Audit, it records your progress as you go through the scan, and sets flags in the database for any additional or missing equipment so you can follow up and investigate at a later date.


    • Track your Business from any Location

      Your AssetBlox database is cloud based, so you can get full access to your data wherever you are. AssetBlox also offers Geo-Location scanning, so the physical location is recorded by the scanning device, which can then be viewed on a map either within the App or on the main database UI, great for recording where a piece of valuable equipment was last seen.


    • Computer Agent Functionality and Control

      For customers needing more IT equipment control there is an AssetBlox agent. The agent can be installed on either Windows or Apple operating systems devices, and once installed, those devices will check in regularly with your AssetBlox database, providing comprehensive hardware and software information for your centralised reports. As you IT data builds, you can start to make use of other AssetBlox IT specific functionality, such as managing Windows updates or Software license compliance.


    • Comprehensive Reporting

      AssetBlox data is presented in clear, easy to understand list formats, which can be sorted and filtered to provide the views that you need for managing equipment. AssetBlox also comes with a great reporting wizard, masking it easy to create, save and rerun more complex reports whenever you need them. 


    • Automation of Asset Workflow

      You can get rid of the manual workflows, paper and spreadsheets with AssetBlox and increase the accuracy & consistency of your data for your business operations. AssetBlox has built in defined Workflows that follow common sense, easy to understand paths making it easier to train and manage your staff responsible for tracking or managing equipment. AssetBlox provides that vital connection between people, data and systems for more efficient and accurate business operation.


    • Predictive Maintenance

      Set date alert criteria on any data fields within your AssetBlox database and set email alerts to let you know when those dates are reached. Use alerting for scheduled maintenance, PAT testing, warranty expiry or anything else that your business may need reminding of.


    • Financial Data – Depreciation and Budgets

      This feature enables you to set the key equipment that you want to term as form “Fixed Assets”, equipment that needs to depreciated and reflected in your company accounts. AssetBlox provides a constant view of the depreciated value of your assets, it will provide reminders as to when equipment needs to replaced and also will start to build future budgets, based on depreciation schedules and purchase costs. As a business owner depreciating your assets could provide a significant taxable  benefit, it will also help you understand the value of what you own, which is part of the value of your business. Finally, it will help you budget for a typical equipment life-cycle replacement or alternatively could provide you with the knowledge to decide if replacement is necessary , saving procurement costs.

    • Accounts Software Integration

      If you use electronic accounts, such as Xero, then AssetBlox is designed to make your data even easier to manage. You can export data on existing fixed assets and import straight into AssetBlox. Within AssetBlox you can associate Ledger information with any asset, set your financial elements, such as depreciation and at the end of every year, simply click a button to run a report that is available to be imported straight back into your financial software. 

    increase your business efficiency and generate higher revenue with AssetBlox Asset Management System.

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    Our support team are here to help. If you have an issue or any questions you can raise a ticket in the support module or contact us directly.

    Secure Backups

    AssetBlox provides monthly backups of your AssetBlox droplet. If anything should go wrong, we will restore you to the latest version and a member of our support team will help you get back to scanning Assets.

    Safe & Secure

    AssetBlox is securely stored in the Cloud. Traffic passes using SSL and AES 258 Encryption, meaning all your data you maintain will be secure.

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